Digital Marketing


Digital Marketing at AEOM PR is goal driven and designed to support more traditional efforts through comprehensive media strategies that combine social, digital and influencer networks. Our social media campaigns help develop audiences and promote loyalty. Whether navigating the complex landscape of social networks or feeding the web’s insatiable appetite for content, we work with clients to leverage the Internet to build awareness and motivate consumers.

In today’s online environment, audiences are so fragmented that traditional mass-marketing tools, such as banner ads, no longer elicit the response they once did. Moreover, user-generated content is notoriously difficult to place, harness, or leverage for marketers. We tackle these challenges by combining our hands-on interactive experience with leading-edge quantitative and qualitative research to skillfully deliver the right message to the right audience. Our strategic recommendations allow clients to engage in the conversation…and produce results.

We offer a full complement of services, including:

  • Digital Strategy
  • Content strategy and creation
  • Editorial planning and execution
  • Influencer and blogger outreach
  • Event development and coverage
  • Social media marketing
  • Measurement and evaluation reporting
  • Interactive Marketing
  • Online press /publicity
  • Social media marketing
  • Social content
  • Viral marketing
  • Creative Services
  • Campaign development
  • Design services
  • Website development
  • Web, social media, mobile, in-game advertising
  • Search engine marketing and optimization (SEO)
  • Geo-Tracking

We also, help you manage your social networking sites by requesting more friends; posting news items; and/or creating pages on popular social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, Soundcloud, etc…


AEOM PR offers short-term and long-term brand consulting, as well as strategic plan development. Our efforts will strategically elevate your brand. Let us guide and/or implement your plan, with brand consulting recommendations that may include PR, advertising, SEO and SEM, strategic partnerships, event marketing, brand alliances, digital and social media marketing, brand extensions, spokespeople and brand ambassadors.

As part of our 360° Lifestyle Approach to brands, we seek and build news-worthy alliances with influential personalities, businesses, and organizations both within and outside our agency portfolio.

We leverage the brand equity of those properties to position (or reposition) your brand, expose you to new audiences outside your category and take advantage of new media opportunities. The results: reinforcing your brand relevance, capturing new markets, and providing consumer call-to-action.


Artist Development


If you dream of having, a career in entertainment one must understand that it will not happen overnight. You must be prepared to invest, work hard, have patience, endurance, be open to constructive criticism and learn the in’s and out’s of the entertainment industry. Artists of all ages are faced with not just being creative, but they also must learn to manage their product, understand and develop strong business ethics and learn what record labels, TV producers, dance companies, and other representatives in the industry and are looking for.

The entertainment industry, especially music has been impacted by digital distribution, which has led to pirating and reduced CD sales as well as being affected by today’s starving economy. Record Labels no longer have the resources they once had to invest in raw talent, therefore most labels have eliminated their artist development divisions and A&R’s are now looking for artists that have polished their image, talent, product, and stage presence; simply put they want the “COMPLETE PACKAGE”.

Our Artist Development Program entails a multi-discipline approach, and to start we begin with an in depth interview with the artist to obtain all pertinent information to effectively evaluate the artist’s talent, image, music, short and long term goals. We will develop an individual plan that will address the artist’s needs along with time frames in order to achieve the desired goals.

We will assist in the training and development of:

▪ Stage Presence ▪ Vocal Training ▪ Industry Business ▪ Studio Techniques ▪ Acting Techniques ▪ Branding ▪ Life Skills ▪ Creative Direction ▪ Music Production ▪ Choreography ▪ Media Training ▪ EPK’S ▪ Videos ▪ Vocal Training ▪ Acting Coaches

We also work with the following resources in order execute your personalized development plan and to further expand your contacts and knowledge in all aspects of the entertainment industry.

▪ Producers ▪ Song Writers ▪ Stylists ▪ Script Writers ▪ Engineers ▪ Rehearsal Space ▪ Choreographers ▪ Photographers ▪ National TV ▪ Merchandising ▪ Vocal Coaches ▪ Videographers

Marketing & Promotions

The AEOM Team of experienced professionals pride ourselves on creating the best possible promotions and marketing solutions for our clients, ensuring that each and every one is completely satisfied with our services. Our motivated and focused team works hard to create the clearest possible idea about your marketing and branding goals.

In any industry, change and adaptation are vital if you want to succeed and grow. Our ability to adapt to the trends of the moment allows our team to constantly create new, out of the box and interactive marketing ideas. The aim of our company is not just to see the expansion of your business, but also to expose your business to as many markets as possible. Through traditional, non-traditional and unconventional marketing tactics, we add a shock value to any campaign.

Through street promotions, we can effectively promote and market your brand to a larger demographic. Wrapped vehicles, flyers, posters, compact disks and customized promotional materials are distributed to the consumer in an up close and personal way.

Outdoor placements can be cost effective while building frequency and brand awareness amongst our target market. The outdoor placements are cohesive with print campaigns. Outdoor placements include store kiosks, taxis, bus sides, bus stops, billboards, nightclub placements, and mall placements. There is a high frequency of outdoor advertising in order to reach the target market of consumers.

Websites, banner ads, Pandora takeover, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, iTunes, YouTube and more… The internet is essential in the everyday routines of consumers. Their social lives, work, and entertainment all revolve around it, making the internet one of the most commonly used mediums. The online placements will include streaming online ads, traditional placements, banner ads and more. Through Social Media. Clients can easily connect and communicate with consumers,

Through Social Media. Clients can easily connect and communicate with consumers, fans, and socialites. It will also give full details on promotions and employ a viral campaign for your consumers. Print advertisement, 30-60 sec radio spots, and television commercials are also effective ways to get the word out about your brand.

Mobile technology has come a long way. We can now utilize our mobile devices almost in the same manner as we would our computers while on the go. With effective mobile marketing, we can send text messages, mobile contests, surf the web, get info on the hottest events, use GPS and scan bar codes in real time.

Event Planning


From Wrap Parties, Industry Mixers, Red Carpet Events, Concert Production to Sponsorship Event Management, our team can design, plan and produce events to provide impact and inspiration. No matter the size of your guest list or the complexity of your requirements, our events are created to delight all five senses while keeping your budget intact. Our aim is to identify your needs, fulfill your objectives and exceed your expectations. Serving the entertainment, film and music industry.

Planning services for:

• Launch & Wrap Parties • Red Carpet Events • Award Ceremonies • Celebrity Product Launch • Press Conferences • Post-Award Parties • Sponsorship Event Management • Industry Mixers • Concerts & Live Music Showcases • Fashion Shows • Red Carpet Premieres with Q&A • Film/Music Video Screenings • Corporate & Private Events • Gala Dinners & Luncheons • Charity Events • Sporting Events • Fundraising Events • Annual Meeting & Conference • Weddings • Showers • Tournaments • Specialty Events • Gifting Suites • Film Premiere with Q&A • Fashion Shows  • Business Launch Party • Pop-Ups • Private Romantic Setups • Reunions • and much more.

Our planning expertise provides you with:

• Overall Event Management • Budget Tracking & Analysis • Venue Search & Selection • Guest List Organization & Tracking • Media Coverage Placement • Staff Augmentation • Vendor Matching • Comprehensive Day-Of Coordination



AEOM PR has partnered with a radio submission and distribution organization which consists of a team of industry promotion veterans with multiple years of combined music-marketing experience. This partnership aims to be one of the industry’s leading radio marketing firms, our mission is to level the playing field for the independent record company and new developing artist. Our combined resources have created strong strategic partnerships with radio station owners, program directors, and disc jockeys in order to guarantee that our client’s music is heard by radio professionals with the possibility of placing your music in rotation. With this unique opportunity, our client’s are in the position of receiving “airplay” services at an affordable rate as a way to test and market records for true viability.

Our client’s music is marketed to all formats to all levels of radio, including but not limited to: Internet (Live365, AOL, iTunes Radio, iHeart Radio, Pandora, AccuRadio, Audiorealm, On Demand, Yahoo! Rhapsody, MTV Radio & Shoutcast Radio Broadcasters), Satellite (Sirius XM & Music Choice), College and Terrestrial Commercial FM Radio (Major FM – BDS / Mediabase Reporting Stations). Along with a primary focus of monitored stations, we also service your music to Non-Commercial and Non-Reporting stations to ensure maximum exposure!

What makes this partnership different from others? Most competitors advertise that they will service your music to thousands of radio stations. This is IMPOSSIBLE because there are many stations who only cater to a particular format of music. We, however, simply submit AIRPLAY for our clients on legitimately monitored radio stations that are verifiable by third party companies. These stations report radio airplay to tracking systems such as BDS (Broadcast Data Systems), Mediabase,, and CMJ. In addition, they pay royalties to performance right societies such as SoundExchange, ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC as well as report to various industry trades such as Billboard, FMQB, CMJ, DRT Top 200, DRT Top Independent Charts, and many others! Once the client’s music is “Approved” for air by the programming team, they will decide which submission will be included for each station. Client’s will receive a report of who has reviewed and played their music on a bi-weekly basis. Radio Campaigns include bi-weekly airplay reports, station list, airplay dates, times, locations and total spin count. Stations that are monitored, pay royalties and contribute to all major charts including commercial and noncommercial radio. *AEOM PR cannot guarantee airplay nor the total number of stations for airplay per format as the music is selected at the discretion of the radio programming directors across the country and overseas affiliates.

Music Distribution

AEOM UNIVERSE MUSIC DISTRIBUTION AEOM distribute your music directly to your fans. Set your own pricing, select which releases you want to sell. Keep 85% of the royalties and AEOM sends your own unique URL to promote your music to your fans.

AEOM distribute your music directly to your fans. Set your own pricing, select which releases you want to sell. Keep 85% of the royalties and AEOM sends your own unique URL to promote your music to your fans.

AEOM Distribution offers free UPC and ISRC codes to all artists worldwide. The UPC and ISRC codes can be used for both physical and digital releases. AEOM Reports are sent out every 45 days after the close of every month.

AEOM sends artist music to the world’s largest music stores. Artists keep 85% of the royalties; it takes about 7-14 days for your music to reach our retailers iTunes, YouTube Monetization, Soundcloud Monetization, Emusic, Google Play, Spotify, Amazon, Deezer, YouTube, Xbox Music, iTunes Radio, Rdio, Music Unlimited, and Tidal just to name a few. Artists always keep 100% ownership of their music and copyright with AEOM. We have a non-exclusive agreement which also means you can remove your music at any time. We let your rights roam free.



Our highly trained Music Administrator has many years of industry experience. Administration, licensing, and royalty collection services are available to independent music publishers, songwriters, record companies, and artists.

For Writer/Publisher:

• Establish music publishing companies affiliated with the performing rights organizations.

• Structure and review all music contracts to protect your interests.

• Gather split information from all writers involved in new copyright

• Submit song information to Publisher, labels and interested parties

• Register all music with the performing right societies and the Copyright Office.

• Work in Liaison with attorney’s and Publishing Company representatives to ensure the execution of publishing agreement with regard to minimum commitment and Delivery Releases, and advances.

• Monitor the licensing progression of compositions, this includes help in resolving split disputes, sampling issues, acquiring producer agreements in order to facilitate a speedy licensing and delivery process so advances/royalties are paid in a timely manner.

• If necessary, Review Past Catalog and Delivery Release Requirements with respect to Publishing Deals.

• Monitor current Delivery Release Requirements to ensure advance payments/commitments are handled in a timely manner. • Point Person for labels and/or other interested parties with regard to writer publishing inquiries.

• Registration with Nielsen Soundscan for the tracking of Music Sales and Nielsen BDS for the tracking of Radio Spins.

• Document and track music used on TV programs and commercials to implement the collection of royalties.

• Project and forecast potential music royalty income from your music activity. YouTube Monetization Services • Issue quarterly accountings relative to all income earned through music publishing activities.

• Collect foreign royalties for the performance of music outside of the United States.

• Register with SoundExchange and monitor Performance & Mechanical Royalties

 • Serve in an advisory capacity in all matters concerning music business affairs and make recommendations to protect and increase music publishing income.

• Assistance in finding unclaimed royalties.



AEOM PR provides hands-on services ranging from the most complex of marketing, publicity, social media, personal branding and event PR. We specialize in the development and execution of personalized strategies in the areas of:

  • Sports Marketing
  • Endorsements
  • Publicity
  • Event PR
  • Foundation PR
  • Crisis Management
  • Business Management
  • Social Media Strategy, Execution & Maintenance
  • Special Event Production & Management

We also offer each of our clients, personal concierge services through our exclusive affiliate partnership with Envision For U Concierge.

Our knowledgeable and experienced associates are experts in Entertainment and Professional Sports. AEOM PR works to generate supplemental compensation to the athlete through marketing and endorsements, locally as well as nationally.  Our publicity department works with each athlete individually based upon a strategic, personalized plan to build and maintain a local and national brand.

Through our years of experience, we have garnered relationships with various advertisers and media outlets within the sports, entertainment and lifestyle communities. Our clients have been featured in national publications such as GQ, Complex, Men’s Health, Maxim, Men’s Fitness, Men’s Journal, Sports Illustrated, ESPN The Magazine and more. Our reach in the broadcasting community includes yet transcends the sports radio and televisions market into the world of entertainment and the likes of ESPN, Fox Sports, FX, ABC, NBC, Disney, Nickelodeon, MTV, and SPIKE TV to name a few. Because of our longstanding relationships with the media, AEOM PR has become the “go to” firm for professional athletes.

AEOM PR looks forward to personalizing our services to fit your individual needs.


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Established In 2009, AEOM PR is a boutique publicity/multi-media firm specialized in the intersection of entertainment public relations, music administration, and brand communications. AEOM is a fully integrated agency which takes a creative approach when addressing client’s goals as they relate to media, marketing, and communications. We believe our client’s success is our success. Our mission is simple, to help our clients realize their vision. We have the power, skill, and resources to develop a dynamic plan for a career, a business, a product or a brand.

AEOM PR gives you access to all of the industry’s top publishers, editors and journalists in print, broadcast and the Internet. We look at the big picture and help you integrate all of your public relations needs. We aim to help you analyze your public relations, sponsorship, and marketing goals, and provide a focused approach to target your audience. AEOM PR strategically structures your public relations campaign and publicity programs for success.

AEOM PR is a division of AEOM Global, a fully functioning Multi-Media Entertainment Company with a focus in Public Relations, Management, Music, Distribution, Touring & Merchandising, Magazine Publishing, Film & Television, Sports, and Branding.

Clients signed to AEOM Global partake in full-rights deals, which are all encompassing and include ticket sales, record sales and all forms of endorsements. AEOM Global is also a successful creative consulting firm on several projects, which include multi-platinum artists and award winning producers in all genres of music.

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