Our highly trained Music Administrator has many years of industry experience. Administration, licensing, and royalty collection services are available to independent music publishers, songwriters, record companies, and artists.

For Writer/Publisher:

• Establish music publishing companies affiliated with the performing rights organizations.

• Structure and review all music contracts to protect your interests.

• Gather split information from all writers involved in new copyright

• Submit song information to Publisher, labels and interested parties

• Register all music with the performing right societies and the Copyright Office.

• Work in Liaison with attorney’s and Publishing Company representatives to ensure the execution of publishing agreement with regard to minimum commitment and Delivery Releases, and advances.

• Monitor the licensing progression of compositions, this includes help in resolving split disputes, sampling issues, acquiring producer agreements in order to facilitate a speedy licensing and delivery process so advances/royalties are paid in a timely manner.

• If necessary, Review Past Catalog and Delivery Release Requirements with respect to Publishing Deals.

• Monitor current Delivery Release Requirements to ensure advance payments/commitments are handled in a timely manner. • Point Person for labels and/or other interested parties with regard to writer publishing inquiries.

• Registration with Nielsen Soundscan for the tracking of Music Sales and Nielsen BDS for the tracking of Radio Spins.

• Document and track music used on TV programs and commercials to implement the collection of royalties.

• Project and forecast potential music royalty income from your music activity. YouTube Monetization Services • Issue quarterly accountings relative to all income earned through music publishing activities.

• Collect foreign royalties for the performance of music outside of the United States.

• Register with SoundExchange and monitor Performance & Mechanical Royalties

 • Serve in an advisory capacity in all matters concerning music business affairs and make recommendations to protect and increase music publishing income.

• Assistance in finding unclaimed royalties.