Our Impressive List of Services Speaks for Itself:

Personal Publicity |  Sponsorships | Corporate Publicity | Endorsements | Placements Film | TV & DVD Release Campaigns | Marketing & Creative Branding | Award Campaigns | Corporate Communications | Music Representation |  Sports PR | Entertainment Publicity |  Music Administration (Encoding, Registration, Publishing, Licensing, Royalty) | Media Relations | Crisis Management | Non-Profit Public Relations & Fundraising | Press Release | Composition | Social Media Networking|  Publicity (Tour and CD Release) | Radio/Video Promotion | Broadcast Appearances | Internet/Digital Marketing | Web Hosting Services | Brand Strategies | Red Carpet | Event Planning | Licensing/Placement | TV/Film Scheduling | Shows & In Store Appearances  | Follow-up & Follow-thru | E-mail Campaigns | Electronic Press Kit Construction | Interactive Onesheet Creation | Print/Web/Mobile/Graphic Design | Commercial Copywriting | Direct Mail Campaigns | Digital Distribution (Music, Video & Literary) | Interview Booking | Media Marketing | Film Screenings with Q&A | Network Extension | Search Engine Optimization (SEO) | Concert/Festival Marketing & Promotions | Industry/Studio Research | Fan Club Supervision & Maintenance | Marketing Database National/Global | Guerilla Marketing | Custom Campaigns for Authors/Lit Works | Industry Event Planning and Production | Press Tracking

When you need guidance to create media coverage on your path to success, AEOM PR can give you direction. Our proven track record in entertainment industry public relations is well-known throughout the world. The partners of AEOM have served the music industry for several decades. We go above and beyond what other publicity firms will do for you. Let us help you gain the industry recognition and consumer awareness you deserve by tailoring a public relations campaign to fit your monthly budget. Professional A&R Services, Mixers, Launch Parties, Red Carpet and Promo Events.